Spotlight on PPS Partner S2IC

Meet Kaitlin and Jason Seifert – the team behind S2 Integrity Consulting.

After Jason’s 22 years of active duty service in the U.S. Army, Jason and Kaitlin understand firsthand one of the most challenging parts of service members’ selfless commitment to our country is the transition to corporate America. That’s why S2IC is committed to working with industry executives to build and scale the Department of Defense-funded SkillBridge program.

SkillBridge allows military service members to intern at civilian host companies during their final six months of active duty service. During this time, the DoD continues to cover 100 percent of a service member’s salary and benefits.

During his transition to the private sector, Jason participated in the SkillBridge program and found the experience invaluable. After Kaitlin and he learned industry partners were either unaware of or underutilizing the program, S2 Integrity Consulting was born.

As a DoD SkillBridge Authorized Host Organization, the PPS team thanks Jason and Kaitlin for championing the program to help service members and their families transition from military to civilian life.

Throughout National Military Appreciation Month and beyond, PPS extends gratitude to all members of the U.S. Armed Forces, and to Jason and Kaitlin for their invaluable assistance in helping service members secure meaningful post-service employment.