OH to UG (Corry Field)

$1M – $3M | Corry Field, Nas Pensacola | PowerSecure

PPS executed the following in support of the installation’s mission: Engineering and design collaboration; Demolition and material removal of existing primary pad-mounted transformers, pole- mounted transformers, junction cabinets, and conductors; Installation of 28 primary junction cabinets, both concrete pad-mounted and direct burial; Installation of ~5500LF of concrete-encased duct bank for 15kV MV-105 medium voltage conductors; Procurement and installation of ~15000LF of 15kV MV-105 medium voltage conductors; Procurement and termination (Class 1 and Class 3) of new 15kV MV-105 medium voltage conductors into primary junction cabinets and new/existing transformers; Installation of one 75kVA 280/120V transformer and one 25kVA208/120V transformer; Cutover to newly installed underground primary power and subsequent removal of disused overhead power distribution poles and conductors; Field testing of all installed conductors, other systems analyses and commissioning.