Design Build Airfield Lighting Vault

$1M – $5M | Eglin AFB, FL | Eglin AFB

Eglin AFB consolidated its two airfield lighting vaults and circuits dating back to the 1950’s into one new Insulated Concrete Form lighting vault facility that removed existing High Voltage hazards and provided airfield personnel with a highly reliable and safer system for operation and control.

UNIQUE ATTRIBUTES: In addition to self-performing the site-civil, foundation and Insulated Concrete Forms for the new facility, PPS installed over 2 miles of new 32-Way 4″ duct-bank on an active air-field along with 225,000LF new 5kV airfield lighting cable. The new ADB SGRS regulator switchgear utilized “time in a can” technology to transfer the use of regulators in the event of a failure in a matter of minutes via a simple hardware change and keep the runway lighting operational in a more consistent and reliable manner while minimizing the impact on Airfield Maintenance personnel.

PPS performed all cut-overs of new airfield lighting circuits and equipment during VFR conditions (Visual Flight Rules) while returning the Airfield to fully operational capacity each day at dusk. PPS continued this process until all new Airfield Lighting circuits had been cutover and new equipment commissioned, leading to a seamless transition.